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Stage Piano

Jual Stage Piano Roland

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Roland FP60X Overview Designed for intermediate and advanced players, the black FP-60X from Roland ..
Rp.15.600.000,00 Rp.19.500.000,00 20%
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The super-popular portable piano—upgraded. When quality counts but budget is a factor, the FP-30X i..
Rp.8.680.000,00 Rp.10.850.000,00 20%
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Roland is on the cutting edge of evolving digital piano technology, and they’ve packed their latest ..
Rp.18.360.000,00 Rp.22.950.000,00 20%
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Most keyboards make you choose between performance and portability, but Roland's GO:PIANO88 delivers..
Rp.6.216.000,00 Rp.7.770.000,00 20%
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Communicate your truest emotions with the Roland FP-10, meticulously designed with Roland’s PHA-4 ke..
Rp.7.080.000,00 Rp.8.850.000,00 20%
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Whether you're home, onstage, or in the studio, Roland's FP-60 is a stellar 88-key digital piano. Ro..
Rp.19.100.000,00 Rp.23.900.000,00 20%
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The Roland GO:PIANO 61-key digital piano aims to fast-track your musical progress. It's an ideal pla..
Rp.4.790.000,00 Rp.5.990.000,00 20%
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The Roland RD-2000 is a dream come true for the performing keyboardist. It features dual sound engin..
Rp.38.320.000,00 Rp.47.900.000,00 20%
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Roland Quality in a Compact Digital Piano Looking for the perfect piano for your home? We have&..
Rp.8.000.000,00 Rp.10.850.000,00 26%
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Previously, the only avenue to an authentic piano sound and touch was a large, heavy, and hard-to-..
Rp.13.700.000,00 Rp.17.150.000,00 20%
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